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''Simplify your life with our services."


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Make Your Kitchen the Envy of the Neighborhood

Transform Your Bathroom into a Private Oasis of Luxury

Create Space !

Add Value !

Room to Grow !

Room to Live !

Expand your

possibilites !

Build Your Dream Barn with Our Expert Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail

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When the standard just won't do, we custom weld it for you.

Our design services help you to visualize how your project will look once completed.

Studio Backdrop.

We manage your facilities, you manage your success.

Proactive maintenance, reliable service, and exceptional value

About Us

Krysh is recognized as a multi-generational name for quality and fine craftsmanship in the construction industry.

Troy Krysh

Troy has been in the industry since 1998 when he started working with his father doing plaster and tile work. Troy eventually branched off into multiple areas of the industry and started his own company, Krysh Construction. After many years and further expansion, Krysh Inc was created to encompass all of the company's services.

Krysh Plastering & Tile

Dan Krysh was in the plastering and tile business from 1953 to the mid 80's and was known for his logo "Have Trowel Will Travel". Dan's son, Mike Krysh, continued his father's work after his retirement.